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Alberta Farmers and Producers are working to bring the best of our food to Calgarians all year long.

How it Works

Start with a Base Box
Every week, we put together the very best of what our farming families have to offer
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Login and customize your pre-filled Base Box, and then do your weekly shop from our catalogue of 1000s of local and organic groceries
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At home or work, we'll deliver your order to you every Tuesday, freshly picked and packed, and hand-delivered with love.

What Our Members Say

I have enjoyed Organic Box for over a year now, the variety is excellent and I love that it seems I get a wonderful meal invented every week. Thank you for the good food and exceptional service. Your employees deliver with a smile every time.
Roxanna V., Edmonton
Every delivery from The Organic Box is like a gift. We feel the care that goes into our order from every member of the team. The odd time that we have found something in the order could have been better, they have immediately responded with a proactive solution to our issue.  Love TOB!
Steven B., Calgary

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we know the food is local? What does local mean anyway? 
We have the strongest supply chain of local organic food in Alberta. 365 days a year you will find the best local stuff in your box, and if we can't get it here, we find people just like us from further away and bring it here.
2. Can I take a break or go on holidays? What if my fridge is already full?
You can pause your orders whenever you like by adding a holiday stop to your order.  Take a break for one week or a few, and switch your orders to biweekly whenever you want!
4. Who is The Organic Box? What is your deal?
The Organic Box is the strongest support of local organic food producers in Alberta.  We have been building our food family since 2009 and are owned and operated by farming families from Alberta and BC.
3. How much can I customize my box? Am I going to get drowned in potatoes and beets?
Your box is 100% customizable.  Our unique website allows you to remove all the stuff you don't want, and the refill with the stuff you do.  No miminums and no restrictions on what you can order.
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